Budget-Conscience & Cost Effective

There are two pricing models available. These were developed to provide an authority with options for a win-win scenario:

Subscription-Based (Application Service Provider)

Under the subscription-based model, BuildingBlocs is made available on a monthly subscription basis with a one-time implementation fee. The implementation fee includes design and graphics, site map creation, information architecture, integration of chosen Blocs, beta testing and proofing. You then pay a monthly fee for the hosting of the BuildingBlocs application on our servers. The monthly fee is determined by the site requirements, bandwidth provision, and the level of technical support chosen.

Here, you never have to worry about server or platform upgrades, enhancements or the like. Because you host your instance of BuildingBlocs on our servers, any subsequent upgrades are automatically included.

Flat-Fee (Non-exclusive End User License)

In some instances, Authorities have requested to purchase a non-exclusive end-user commercial license (EULA) of the BuildingBlocs application source. Pricing and terms and conditions may be discussed further if this option is desired. Under the EULA, the application is customized and then provided to the organization under a server license fee. Service level agreements for maintenance, support, upgrades and enhancements are determined as well.

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