Let's Open The Hood

BuildingBlocs delivers features and benefits that not only empower users, but also makes for a rich, intuitive content authoring and management experience.

Super Simplicity
BuildingBlocs was designed to be used easily and quickly. No confusing, lengthy workflows. Features or enhancements that you may never use, why pay for them?

Every Authority is unique in their specific needs. The platform's pricing is flexible and takes into account a number of dependencies that may affect the final price point. You don't pay for features or functionality that you don't need. Service agreements are structured to fit within budgetary constraints.

Speed and Enhanced Productivity
BuildingBlocs offers a number of built-in productivity enhancements to make publishing content to your website quickly. The browser-based interface is intuitive and easy to use. Simple pointing, clicking and typing, for the most, is all that's needed to contribute website content. We encourage the use of business/office productivity tools, such as Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF), to assist in content contribution.

The modular construction and scripting strategy that form the BuildingBlocs platform allows quick setup of the website infrastructure by our programmers so your staff can begin contributing content quickly and with confidence.

Support For Web Standards
BuildingBlocs integrates seamlessly into standards-based xHTML layouts. The platform supports xHTML 1.1 markup just as easily as table-based layouts.

Support For Script Library Integration
Becuase the BuildingBlocs engine produces standards-based markup, integration of various script libraries, such as jQuery, are a snap.

Browser Based Platform
This means that administrators may manage the website from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and the latest versions of Internet Explorer®, Safari® and Firefox®. BuildingBlocs is 100% web-based. There's no hardware or software to install.

Multi-user Authoring
BuildingBlocs supports an unlimited number of users for content authoring and management.

Form-Based Content Creation
BuildingBlocs separates content authoring from any design elements. The platform eliminates dependencies on IT staff to publish content. All content is entered through a series of basic forms that include both client and server-side data validation.

User Access Control
BuildingBlocs features defined user roles and rights settings that allow system administrators to set permissions for users creating and editing content.

Lightweight and Minimal Page Load Times
BuildingBlocs modules are designed to retrieve data easily and quickly from the datastore. The modules quickly populate your website's theme, creating a fast-loading website.

Web Analytics
BuildingBlocs supports a variety of analytics packages. Your install may be altered to include an analytics package that can give insight into the browsing behavior of visitors to your website.

Search Engine Friendly
We've taken technical measures to make spidering and full indexing of dynamic BuildingBlocs rendered pages harmonious. Among these measures are non-use of lengthy URLs, unique query string values, absence of secure / non-secure page duplication, non-use of server session IDs in URLs, non-use of any CGI or CGI terminology in directory naming conventions or URLs and a single level of “deepness” within the publicly accessible directory structure. The rendering engine is built to offer URL rewriting if necessary.

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